Monday, July 06, 2009

art tends to distort the truth

matthew+nowick+TIME+magazineAt least, that is according to Matthew Nowicki, a twentieth century architect that was a colleague of Eero Saarinen. Like Saarinen, Nowicki died young in 1960. here is a quote that i just read from one of my library sale finds in the Eero Saarinen architecture book: "Art tends not only to discover the truth but to exaggerate and finally distort it. And, maybe in this distortion lies the essence of art." deep, contemplative stuff indeed. here are a couple of images of his most famous architectural piece, a pavilion at the state fairgrounds in Raliegh, NC... matthew+nowicki+mid century modern+architecturematthew+nowicki+mid century modern+arena


Anonymous said...

I love the Dorton Arena in Raleigh. No air conditioning, but the placement of the windows (and the fact that they work) keep it from being too terribly hot in there, even in the summertime. I wish it still stood alone like it does in those great old photos. I hope they never tear it down.

Anonymous said...

More about Matthew Nowicki at:

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