Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Bub-Bot

really like this Bub bot that Andy over at toysrevil recently wrote about:

from TRE:  From Indonesia-toy enthusiast Kong Andri comes a custom dubbed BUB-BOT - customized from a Mini Bub and ready to destroy all competition at the Munnyworld Megacontest (Vote on it here by clicking "Like"). King added: "my inspiration comes from my new obsession of ThreeA toys, so i made my own version of it … He is a robot invented to protect the Munny World from thousands of aliens that wants to invade the land.

more pics if you follow the link -

Thursday, May 26, 2011

ads cause fasle memories!

i KNEW it!

Great quote from the Article in Wired about how a well crafted Ad can shape our memories...

"It’s the difference between a “Save” and the “Save As” function. Our memories are a “Save As”: They are files that get rewritten every time we remember them, which is why the more we remember something, the less accurate the memory becomes."

via: Austin Kleon

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