Thursday, August 18, 2011

Affordable Robot Art Alert - Kleiner Roboter - Gelb Edition

mikeslobot_kleiner-roboter-gelb_buy The Kleiner Roboter - Gelb Edition (gelb means yellow in German) is a small run of 4" Slobot sculptures.  This series is limited to 5 in this color way.  Each has a shiny yellow head, silver glitter body, and a bright green glow in the dark eye and chest plate.  The eye and chest plate glow for approximately 1 hour.  Available for $35 each from the Slobot Etsy shop

robot art mike slobot_kleiner-roboter-gelb_01 mike slobot_kleiner-roboter-gelb_01glow

mike slobot_kleiner-roboter-gelb_02

mike slobot_kleiner-roboter-gelb_glow

Mike Slobot presents Transporter-2


This is a new Slobot commission created by Mike Slobot.  Transporter-2 is approximately 15" tall, includes many glow in the dark parts, as well as a removable figure.  This commission was created for a client who is a wheel chair user.  He is interested in human-robot interaction and how robots might be a valuable, meaningful part of our lives in the future - a vision after Mike's own heart.





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