Thursday, March 11, 2010

mike slobot for Kaiju Comrades 2!

here is what i sent in for the Kaiju Comrades show that opens in Tokyo tomorrow, March 12!  included are two custom toys (both from Star Wars) and three of the first run of resin slobots!  the resins are pulled from a vintage Japanese kokeshi doll that i turned into a slobot....

pipe fixing robots!

This is an interesting bit about robots used to fix water pipes while they are still in the ground, rather than having to dig them up to fix them.

Friday, March 05, 2010

new slobot Robot Art available - Sencha and Earl Grey

Just got some slobots back from a show in Chicago...  these two are Earl Grey and Sencha - kind of Japanese Kokeshi inspired slobots.  they are approximately 80%-90% post consumer plastics, as well as some rubber, glass, glow in the dark parts, and acrylic paint.

they are available here...
Earl Grey -
Sencha -

more pics:

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