Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mike Slobot’s Robot Art - The Mechanobot Project


Back once again – its Mike Slobot with the Mechanobot, and new, one of a kind slobot sculpture.  This commission was created to accompany a found object motorcycle sculpture.

His story:

“The Mechanobot is a brass tacks, no-nonsense slobot that loves nothing more than working on a motorcycle. Long hours holding a wrench bring him pure delight, and he specializes in detailed reconstruction work. Mechanobot carries around his own supply of grease, oil, and gas on his back, with his trusty ‘combo grease gun’ at his side.” 

Stands about 14” tall, found objects, old and new toys, rubber, glass, paint, etc.  Eye, wires, and hand lights glow in the dark.


Why, yes, he does have his very own skull tattoo reminding him of the horrors of war…mikeslobot_mechanobot_tattoo

mikeslobot_mechanobot_glow1 mikeslobot_mechanobot_glow2mikeslobot_mechanobot_5

In this picture, The Berlin Painter by Church applies Mechanobot’s tattoo.
More on Church:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/confusedcreator/

mikeslobot_mechanobot_7_berlinpainter mikeslobot_mechanobot_8mikeslobot_mechanobot_9

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mike Slobot’s Robot Art – Meet the SUPbots

Just out of the slobot studio, these are the SUPbots.  they stand about 9” tall (13” or so to the top of the surfboards).  They were created as special commissions for an art collector that is partial to surfing and sea life.  They are created from old and new toys, resin, paint, rubber, and glass. oh yeah, this one has quite a bit of glow in the dark, too… you can commission your own slobot at the slobot web store.
Their story goes like this:  
“The SUPbots are part of an elite team of slobots who travel the oceans of the world on their trusty Stand Up Paddleboards, setting dolphins free from fishermen’s nets and stopping the hunting of seals. They seek peace through education and force (if necessary,) while always being careful not to endanger humans or animals. A unique breed of slobot, the SUPbots are fluent in most dialects of dolphin and seal. They are also capable of speaking with sea animals telepathically.”
mikeslobot_SUPbotv1_10a_6 mikeslobot_SUPbotv1_10a_7
mikeslobot_SUPbot_both_glow_back mikeslobot_SUPbotv1_10b
mikeslobot_SUPbotv1_10b_6 mikeslobot_SUPbotv1_10b_7

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