Monday, June 30, 2008


The Toy2R Bart Qee Auctions are finally upon us... the auctions are From July 1, 2008 for 30 days. My Slobart is a heavily Customized 10" Bart Simpson Qee. The final piece stands about 15" tall and includes a customized 3" Bart Qee. here's the link: SLOBART QEE AUCTION

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BIGFOOT exposed!!!

“Contrary to popular legend, the Bigfoot is not a menace to society out to cause harm to humans. In fact, in the late 1950’s, a crack team of scientists, concerned with the overall welfare of global forests, responded to the startling rate that trees were being cut down.

Using state of the art technology, the scientists created robot tree herders to help bring the forests of the world back to life. These robots, i
n urban legends called Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, and the like are continuing that very job today, tending to the world’s trees, quietly protecting a tremendous, if limited, global resource."

Type: Edition of 1 – Found Objects, Faux Fur, Household Items, Poseable Lucite arms, stationary Lucite legs
and Traditional Artist Materials.

Story: Created for the MONSTER MAYHEM show in Atlanta, GA at The Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo.

robotic fish!

via robotic fish that can explore underwater without user intervention! yeah, bring on the AI!

Monday, June 09, 2008

doktor a....

Doktor A's lady in waiting is a stellar example of steampunk robotness taken to a level of perfection that is almost unmatched. bravo!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a slobot farmer? on mars!

this is my latest slobot that i finished up for the TOY BOX APATHY show in Las Vegas, NV in the upstairs gallery at THE ATTIC LAS VEGAS . Custom 7" munny (approx 12" with new legs) with positionable arms, lucite arms and legs, found objects, and positionable "glider" wings. His story: SlomunnyV4 is a Martian Agriculture Robot deployed to Mars before the first settlers arrived. His task was to begin growing desert plant species in an effort to increase the oxygen content of Mars. Even though Mars has been settled for many years now, SlomunnyV4 continues to go about his job with genuine happiness and good will towards Earthlings, Martians, and their respective animals. He happily spends his days bouncing and gliding over the Martian countryside using his wings for added stability in the low gravitational field of Mars.  

UPDATE:  this slobot is SOLD OUT.

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